Playlist 6/17 - Ukulele & Chill

Jun 5, 2017

So while my brain and my writing skills (or lack thereof) were on hiatus from the blogosphere for 2 months, that's literally everything that's been going down: too much time spent indoors, experiencing a trial of confused identity, misguided purpose, and hopeless transition, accompanied by my undergraduate project not shaping up to be a 90-page magnum opus and me swimming in it (hoping not to drown). A quarter-life crisis at its finest. You know it for sure when a Bon Iver song comes on and you start crying. By yourself, around friends, or in the middle of a supermarket as strangers slowly usher their children away.

Anyways, my thesis defense is next week. As a means of forcing myself over the final hurdle, I visualised how amazing it would be on the ’other side’ and how relieved I would be to hand over the culmination of five years’ work. For those of you in the same boat, good luck and have fun! Below you can find some songs that will hopefully help you get through this. I'd spice it up with some new goodness from Papa Roach, but for the sensitive ears not to bleed I'm leaving it super light this time. And if you haven't yet seen the pictures of me holding ukulele and smiling on different social media, here you go with even more :) 

Please shuffle


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Under the Florida sunshine

Apr 6, 2017


The tropical equivalent of New York, the new art and design mecca, brimming with pure energy. The city has so much more to offer than I ever thought possible. From the incredible beaches, which I expected, to the high rise Downtown area and of course - the oh so colourful Wynwood.

The Wynwood Art District is one of the most interesting examples of urban redevelopment. Before it was converted into an open air museum, this part of the city was an industrial area undergoing deep decline.

My happy face when I got free tacos / (and free beer, obviously)


Having only decided to visit Florida Keys at the last minute on our second day in Miami and after the weather was a little overcast and breezy for our scheduled beach day, I couldn't have been happier with how the day panned out.

- - -

Renting a car/getting behind the wheel all by myself for the first time in a foreign country turned to be quite a daunting experience. If, like me, you grew up with a manual, and then drove an automatic in traffic for the first time, you know what I mean. I had to remind myself to keep my left leg tucked away so I don't try to press the clutch and bash my face against the windscreen because I've accidentally stamped on the brake pedal, haha. Once I stopped stressing out, it turned out to be super easy to drive, park and manoeuvre :)
- - -

We stopped at Robbie's Marina, an authentic Florida Keys roadside attraction, with the primary purpose of feeding the massive tarpon by hand.

(Fish tacos were also good).

*acai bowls* *acai bowls* *acai bowls*

So there we have it, Florida is all wrapped up. For this time, anyway. I also vlogged the entire trip which you can watch down below too.

Lots of love
x V

Niagara Falls and Rain Ponchos

Feb 2, 2017

Almost 2 months later, she posts again. Hi there! Hello! How are you? How's everything? Oh, me? I'm fine. You know, it's highs and lows here at the end of 21. Speaking of lows, guess who forgot she had edited a bunch of pictures from Niagara Falls and had them sitting in her "drafts" folder all month? This girl! Let's face it, I'm unreliable. An unreliable blogger. That's what you expect when you subscribe. Without further ado, take one of the complementary rain ponchos and climb aboard.

Let's take a moment to appreciate how jet black my hair was. After all, if you never used dish soap to fix an at-home dyeing disaster, you never really lived. 


Kayaking in Chicago

Dec 7, 2016

Behold, the most overdue of overdue photo/video diaries. I wasn't really sure how to share my photos from my trip to Chicago in a way that would do the city any kind of justice. I didn't take too many to begin with, and it was my first time visiting the city, so there was a lot of ground to cover. But I'm going to have to accept the limiting parameters of a blog and post these here for now.

Тот самый случай, когда даже я – фото-маньяк – не могла позволить себе щелкать слишком много и упустить возможность познакомиться с городом по-настоящему. Долго решая, каким образом поделиться своими впечатлениями и хотя бы частично передать его красоту, мне все же пришлось смириться с ограниченными возможностями блога. Без лишних слов, позвольте представить вам Чикаго.

Day 1

I will admit it's a total tourist move but I don’t even care – I am freaking obsessed with The Bean!

Облачные врата, Клауд-Гейт, Боб – называйте, как хотите, но эта капля нержавейки массой в 110 тонн притягивает к себе как магнит. 

For a small fee, you can rent a bike for the day. There are bike stations all over the city making it extremely easy to check in and out. For the cost it's well worth it. I recommend biking along Lakeshore Trail - it's a stunning ride with the water on one side and the city on the other.

Спросите меня, какой самый веселый способ познакомиться с городом, и я отправлю вас за велосипедом. Уже знакомая система: покупаешь в автомате время, отмечаешься на остановках каждые 30 минут и иногда сражаешься за свободные места на этих самых остановках. Да, вам встретится пару ворчащих пожилых леди и, возможно, с погодой не повезет – в Чикаго она меняется каждые полчаса. Но я вам так скажу: промокшие насквозь волосы и одежда отлично высыхают на ветру, а пожилые леди – ну, они везде ворчат одинаково.

As we felt a bit hungry we went to do the most touristy thing of the whole Chicago trip and had lunch at Giordano’s at Navy Pier were we ordered a huge BBQ chicken pizza. Guys, if you never had a Chicago style pizza think of a solid savory cheese cake with BBQ sauce on top. It’s insane!

Представьте себе огромный пирог, от души начиненный сыром и залитый соусом барбекю, – в Чикаго это называют пиццей. Сказать, что это умопомрачительно-сырно-вкусно - не сказать ничего. Правда, осилить такую пиццу не удалось даже вчетвером. А аппетит у меня далеко не девичий. 

Millennium Park Summer Film Series was closing out with a fan favorite Chicago-made film "The Dark Knight", that transformed the streets of Chicago into the seedy world of Gotham City. What can I say: Chicagoans – great choice; movie buffs – next time you're in Chicago, bring a blanket, your favorite snacks and grab a seat under the stars on the Millennium Park lawn.

Больше вкусной пиццы я люблю только вкусное кино. Летом, прихватив покрывало и любимые закуски, можно устроиться прямо под звездами на лужайке Миллениум-Парка, где бесплатно показывают фильмы. Киноманы и поклонники DC Comics меня поймут: смотреть "The Dark Knight" в городе, который стал прообразом Готэма и в котором происходила большая часть съемок, вдвойне круче. Что могу сказать: чикагцы, отличный выбор.

Day 2

Ask anyone what to do in Chicago, and you won’t get out of that conversation without hearing about boats, kayaks and architecture tours. They are not over-hyping this attraction. A skyline and a river view can’t be missed. Note: we booked with Kayak Chicago and were very happy with them. 

Архитектура, архитектура и еще раз... каяки?! Чикаго – площадка для сумасшедших архитектурных экспериментов, поэтому архитектурный тур никак нельзя пропустить. А если вы не любите туры, воспользуйтесь моим советом и совместите интересное с активным: отличная альтернатива любой монотонной экскурсии – 3х-часовой сплав на каяках по Чикаго-ривер и (бонус!) истории о самых необычных зданиях от местного жителя, обожающего свой город. На заметку: мы забронировали свои каяки у ребят из Kayak Chicago и остались очень довольны!

One of the iconic buildings of Chicago is the Willis Tower. We couldn’t resist heading up to the Skydeck and seeing Chicago from above. Once you make it to the top, you are surrounded by tourists, souvenirs, and a really great views. I mean really, really great views.

Кстати, о типичных туристических штучках, обязательно отправляйтесь на Skydeck – обзорную площадку культового чикагского здания Уиллис-тауэр. Толп туристов и бесконечных сувенирных магазинчиков, вам, конечно, не избежать, но виды действительно того стоят. Это одна из моих любимых частей знакомства с городом. Если после этого вы не влюбились в Чикаго –  вы бесчувственный сухарь. 

P.S. Тремя фотооткрытами ниже можно найти видео! Надеюсь, вам понравится. Обнимаю.

JPEG diarrhea is justified when you're in such a perfect city. If the photos don't do enough talking for you, here's a video:

Chicago, you have my heart! This is not goodbye, this is until next time.