Monday favorites

May 4, 2015

Monday morning is here, and I’m ready to start a super fun and hectic week! Today I’ve continued the trend of getting up way earlier than usual. I actually hopped out of bed at 6.30 this morning, which is very unlike me. I guess that's the reason for my exhaustion after a long school day, with way too much information for my brain to handle. Anyway, I'm gonna try to get as much work as possible done as I have a little trip coming up in the end of the week! A journey like this is so needed right now, so I couldn’t be more excited. Can't wait to share this with you guys. And of course I couldn’t just leave you without some inspiration. Per usual, I spent Monday morning scrolling through Pinterest and

Очередное утро понедельника! Хорошие новости: я наконец научилась рано вставать. Если быть точной, сегодня я встала в 6:30. Плохая новость: именно из-за этого мне сейчас кажется, что меня слегка переехал грузовик. А может просто после занятий в университете в моей голове накопилось намного больше информации, чем там может уместиться за один день? В любом случае, сейчас мне крайне необходимо взять себя в руки и закончить все важные дела, потому что уже в конце недели меня ждет очередное путешествие! Иногда мне кажется, что я живу от поездки до поездки, периодически делая перерывы на учебу и другие сложности жизни. И мне просто не терпится скорее начать складывать вещи (что я не люблю в принципе, но сейчас сделаю с удовольствием) и скорее вам обо всем рассказать! Но я не могу оставить вас без новой порции вдохновения, поэтому уже по традиции утро понедельника я провела в поисках чего-то интересного на Pinterest и, склеивая коллаж и составляя новый плейлист. 

Monday findings:

Playlist for the week:

The Maine – American Candy (Full Album)*
Taking Back Sunday – Lonely, Lonely
Our Last Night – Home**
Set It Off – The Haunting
All Time Low – Future Hearts (Full Album)
PVRIS – White Noise
Rock Sound – Worship And Tributes (Full Album)***
Anberlin – Feel Good Drag (Acoustic)
Chiodos – 3 AM
A Day To Remember – Over My Head (The Fray Cover)
Panic! At The Disco – Hallelujah****

* Goddamn, American Candy is a masterpiece! With well-crafted lyrics and instrumentals, it’s exactly the springtime addition I needed.  And the title track is one of the strongest songs overall. Such a sweet treat!
** Our Last Night - Minsk, April 22: On another evening in April I found myself in another queue to see one of my favorite bands – Our Last Night. I will tell you right off the bat that it’s impossible to put this energy and performance into words. After playing their two most successful covers Dark Horse and Skyfall they went back straight to what makes them my favorite band: loud guitar riffs, a bit of scream and meaningful songs. They also played their most emotional acoustic song Falling Away and even previewed a brand new song called Home, which I absolutely adore and have been listening to for hours now. The highlight of the set was by far Sunrise, when everyone put their light up and sang along, creating a pretty unique experience live. I was absolutely blown away. Their passion for music and the energy they put into the band just gave me huge inspiration. Can't wait for the new album, which is gonna be killer, and hopefully see them again this summer, but in a different location!
*** Rock Sound asked some of my favorite artists to cover some truly massive songs for their new compilation titled “Worship And Tributes”. They have You Me At Six covering Thirty Seconds To Mars, Enter Shikari's take on System Of A Down and loads more! So sick. Check it out. 
**** Panic! At The Disco also surprised me when they premiered their brand new single Hallelujah, which is unlike anything they’ve done before. So powerful and inspirational. If you’re feeling down in the dumps or you need something extra to help you start your day, this is your new favorite song! God, I love them.

Have a productive Monday everyone! x V.


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